Peregrine Falcon populations
2nd International Peregrine Conference POLAND 2007
The Conference was held at Piotrowo near Poznan from 19 till 22 September 2007.

We had altogether 30 papers presented and 20 posters.

We had altogether 108 people involved at the Conference - present at Piotrovo, members of Organising Committee, authors and co-authors of presentation and posters, volunteers.

There were 4 round table discussions:

1. The use of the Peregrine in a European Pollutants Monitoring Network / Peregrine as an indicator of pollutants load, actual research, what to monitor/

2. Sustainable use of the Peregrine populations - gains and risks, the way to prevent eventual genetic pollution

3. Peregrine rings around Europe – schemes and possible cooperation and Peregrine Falcon Working Group – as a platform to exchange information and as organisation

4. Status of tree-nesting population in Europe and ways to manage it’s return to East Europe.

The Programme of Conference, besides scientific part, included
- presentation on Saker in Hungary by J. Bagyura & M. Prommer
- Ground nesting Peregrines and their continued persecution in the North West of England - slide show by Terry Pickford
- trip to Kórnik castle and arboretum,
- visit to Research Station of Polish Hunting Association, art exhibition, show of folk ensemble >>Zency Wilekopolscy<<, dinner at fire
- Gala Concert of the Bagpipes Contest of Wielkopolska,
- concert of Capella from Rydzyna Castle - quintet of wind instruments - sponsored by Polish Hunting Association,
- closing banquet

The Organising Committee wants to warmly thank to all contributors for very effective and fruitful Conference and great and warm atmosphere.

The Organising Committee consisted of:
- Janusz Sielicki, >>Falcon<< Society, Poland - chairman
- Matyas Prommer, MME, Hungary - vicechairman
- Slawomir Sielicki, >>Falcon<< Society, Poland - vicechairman
- Istvan Komaromi, Milvus Group, Romania - vicechairman
- Slavka Siryova, RPS, Slovakia - vicechairman
- Tadeusz Mizera, Agricultural University of Poznan, Poland
- Vladimir M. Galushin, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia
- Andrew Dixon, Head of Falcon Research,International Wildlife Consultants, UK
- Jevgeni Shergalin, co-moderator of Raptor Biology discussion group, Estonia/UK
- Wolfgang Kirmse, Arbeitskreis Wanderfalkenschutz, Germany
- Tom Cade, Peregrine Fund, USA
- Peter Lindberg, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
- Robert Zmuda, >>Falcon<< Society, Poland

The Conference was a result of cooperation of
Society for Protection of Wild Animals >>Falcon<< from Poland,
MME BirdLife Hungary,
Raptor Protection of Slovakia,
MilvusGroup from Romania
Arbeitskreis Wanderfalkenschutz e.V. from Germany;

sponsored by
Visegrad Fund,
Polish-German Cooperation Foundation,
International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation CIC,

supported by
Gmina Czempin / Czempin community,
Starosta Koscianski / Koscian district,
Urząd Marszałkowski Wojewodztwa Wielkopolskiego / Mashall of Wielkopolska province,
Stacja Badawcza PZL Czempin / Research Station of Polish Hunting Association,
Narodowy Bank Polski / National Bank of Poland,
The Peregrine Fund
Zarzad Glowny Polskiego Zwiazku Lowieckiego / Head Quarter of Polish Hunting Association

Peregrine Falcon populations
Status and perspectives in the 21st century
Edited by Janusz Sielicki and Tadeusz Mizera
ISBN 978-83-920969-6-2
Published by TURUL / Poznan University of Life Sciences Press, Warsaw / Poznan 2009
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